Soil Surveys & Maps

Official Charles County Soil Survey- Hydric & Highly Erodible Soils

USDA – NRCS has provided the new soil survey list of Hydric and Highly Erodible Soils as defined by Code of Maryland

Web Soil Survey – Development by USDA -NRCS

1974 Soil Survey- Archival data hard copy available upon request.

Aerial Photographs and Maps Available for Viewing

Aerial photos for some areas of the county may not be available. Please check the map keys provided below to see available aerials.

*Please note: Map keys below are compressed images. As a result, the quality of the images may have been compromised and do not reflect the quality of aerial available in the District office.

The Following are only the map keys. Copies of the individual images can only be obtained by visiting the office.

Procedures and Fees

You must schedule an appointment and visit our office to view and obtain copies of aerial photos and maps. Imagery cannot be received digitally. There is a $1.00 charge per copy.

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