Past Winners of the Charles County Envirothon Competition

2017-2018 Winners

Team 5 of McDonough High School wins the 2018 Charles County Envirothon Competition.

1st: McDonough Team 5 with 401 Points, Ms. Bennett and Mr. Perillo
2nd: Lackey Team 1 with 389 Points, Mr. Fawcett and Ms. Rizor
3rd: St. Charles Team 9 with 388 Points, Ms. Menthe, Ms. Craig, and Ms. Winemiller

Top Scores:

  • Aquatics: 92 Points, McDonough Team 5 and Team 6
  • Forestry: 85 Points, McDonough Team 5
  • Soils: 82 Points, Thomas Stone Team 11
  • Wildlife: 81 Points, North Point Team 7 and St. Charles Team 9
  • 5th Topic: 92.5 Points, Thomas Stone Team 11

4-Year Participants: Michael Fialkowski (McDonough), Denver Bennett (McDonough), Elizabeth Saoud (McDonough), Hope Braciel (Thomas Stone), Kaylee Covey (Thomas Stone), Antone Perry (Thomas Stone), Summer Parks (Westlake), Nicole Blue (Westlake)

Special Shout Out: Recognizing Jan Milman of Thomas Stone 24 years with Envirothon

Sponsors: Pop-N-Smoke BBQ, Casey McClure and Anthony Hancock at Gilbert Run Park, Public Facilities workers that dug the soil pit, Trainers and Coaches, Reporter Jamie Anfenson-Comeau from Maryland Independent, Charles SCD Staff

2016-2017 Winners

La Plata High School wins the 2017 Charles County Envirothon Competition.

1st: La Plata, Ms. Starcher and Ms. Conley-Johnson
2nd: McDonough, Ms. Bennett and Mr. Perillo
3rd: North Point, Ms. Kiorpes and Ms. Arce-Munoz

Top Scores:

  • Aquatics: 94 points, La Plata
  • Forestry: 89 points, La Plata
  • Soils: 94 points, La Plata
  • Wildlife: 92 points, La Plata
  • 5th Topic: 92.5 points, McDonough

4-Year Participants: Katie Parker (McDonough) and Aleksis Canady (Westlake)