Past Winners of the Charles County Envirothon Competition

2018-2019 Winners

Team 13 of Westlake High School wins the 2019 Charles County Envirothon Competition

1st: Westlake Team 13 with 441.5 Points
2nd: McDonough Team 5 with 424.5 Points
3rd: North Point Team 8 with 394 Points

Top Scores:

  • Aquatics: 96 Points, Westlake Team 13
  • Forestry: 84 Points, Westlake Team 13
  • Soils: 94.5 Points, Westlake Team 13
  • Wildlife: 84 Points, North Point Team 8
  • 5th Topic: 93 Points, McDonough Team 5

4-Year Participants: Elizabeth Poletis (McDonough), Carl Wachowski (North Point), Renee Deminne (St. Charles)

Thank You: T&J’s BBQ for lunch, Anthony Hancock, John Wells, and others at Gilbert Run Park for hosting us, County Public Facilities for digging the soil pit, Trainers and Coaches, Sara Taylor from CCBOE for covering the event, and the Charles SCD Staff for making this all possible

2017-2018 Winners

Team 5 of McDonough High School wins the 2018 Charles County Envirothon Competition.

1st: McDonough Team 5 with 401 Points, Ms. Bennett and Mr. Perillo
2nd: Lackey Team 1 with 389 Points, Mr. Fawcett and Ms. Rizor
3rd: St. Charles Team 9 with 388 Points, Ms. Menthe, Ms. Craig, and Ms. Winemiller

Top Scores:

  • Aquatics: 92 Points, McDonough Team 5 and Team 6
  • Forestry: 85 Points, McDonough Team 5
  • Soils: 82 Points, Thomas Stone Team 11
  • Wildlife: 81 Points, North Point Team 7 and St. Charles Team 9
  • 5th Topic: 92.5 Points, Thomas Stone Team 11

4-Year Participants: Michael Fialkowski (McDonough), Denver Bennett (McDonough), Elizabeth Saoud (McDonough), Hope Braciel (Thomas Stone), Kaylee Covey (Thomas Stone), Antone Perry (Thomas Stone), Summer Parks (Westlake), Nicole Blue (Westlake)

Special Shout Out: Recognizing Jan Milman of Thomas Stone for 24 years with Envirothon

Thank You: Pop-N-Smoke BBQ, Casey McClure and Anthony Hancock at Gilbert Run Park, Public Facilities workers that dug the soil pit, Trainers and Coaches, Reporter Jamie Anfenson-Comeau from Maryland Independent, and the Charles SCD Staff

2016-2017 Winners

La Plata High School wins the 2017 Charles County Envirothon Competition.

1st: La Plata, Ms. Starcher and Ms. Conley-Johnson
2nd: McDonough, Ms. Bennett and Mr. Perillo
3rd: North Point, Ms. Kiorpes and Ms. Arce-Munoz

Top Scores:

  • Aquatics: 94 points, La Plata
  • Forestry: 89 points, La Plata
  • Soils: 94 points, La Plata
  • Wildlife: 92 points, La Plata
  • 5th Topic: 92.5 points, McDonough

4-Year Participants: Katie Parker (McDonough) and Aleksis Canady (Westlake)