Equipment Rental

The Charles SCD is now offering five pieces of conservation equipment for rental. Equipment available includes:

  • 12’ Turbo Till
  • 7’ No-till Drill – small seed box
  • 10’ No-Till Drill – small seed box
  • Post Pounder – trailer model (round posts only)
  • 7’ Overseeder – small seed box

Equipment Rental Brochure – with information on all equipment including features, tractor requirements, transportation requirements, and rental rates.

Interested renters, please follow these easy steps:

STEP 1:  Stop by the Charles SCD office to complete a Conservation Assistance Agreement Form and schedule when you would like to reserve the equipment or; Mail the completed Conservation Assistance Agreement Form to our office and call to schedule when you would like to reserve the equipment. The completed Agreement Form must be received by our office prior to scheduling.

When scheduling, please discuss the date, time, and location of pick up.

STEP 2:  If renting the post pounder, come into our office and view our safety video.

STEP 3:  On the day you are scheduled to use the equipment, Call the Charles SCD office and a staff member will meet you at the discussed pick-up location, the Charles County Agricultural and Environmental Service Center. Payment will be held at the time of rental pick up.

STEP 4:  When you are finished, call the Charles SCD office and return the equipment to the location of your pick up then your payment will be finalized for the equipment rental.

Lower rental rates are possible through the cooperative efforts of Charles SCD and the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC).  The goal of the program is to increase the number of farms implementing conservation methods and offer equipment that enables small-acreage farmers access to operate without the significant expense of purchasing equipment.